VIBE (Virtual Integrated Battery Environment) brings together all the infrastructure pieces (ICE, OAS, BatML, and BatState) and links to a specific set of components to create a featured simulation instance. The following are the components linked with various degrees of coupling (some under development):

  • Electrochemistry
    • NTG
    • DualFoil
    • AMPERES Pseudo-2D
    • AMPERES Single Particle
    • AMPERES 3D
    • NREL’s model
    • Cantera 1D Electrode (Sandia)
    • Fluent particle model (CSM/ANSYS)
  • Thermal: AMPERES 3D, Star-CCM+, ANSYS
  • Electrical: AMPERES 3D, Star-CCM+, ANSYS
  • Mechanics: EPIC, LS-Dyna, LIGGGHTS/LAMMPS
  • Cost Model: ANL
  • EC Power’s Autolionvibe-ecosystem

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